received Habibie Award, 2009

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Combinatorial Mathematics Research Group
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Jalan Ganesa 10 Bandung 40132 Indonesia
Phone : +62-22-2502545 ext 234
Fax : +62-22-2506450
Email : ebaskoro@math.itb.ac.id, ebaskoro@gmail.com

Edy Tri Baskoro was born in Jombang, Indonesia 22 May 1964, received his B.Sc degree in mathematics from Institut Teknollogi Bandung (ITB) Indonesia in 1987, and his PhD degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 1996. Since then he has held a senior academic position at ITB. Currently, he is Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Institut Teknologi Bandung.  Since July 2006, he has been honoured a professor in mathematics of ITB.  He has been also an adjunct professor at the University of Newcastle Australia and the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GC University, Lahore Pakistan. His main research interests are graph theory and combinatorics. 

He is a pioneer in the development of graph theory and combinatorics in Indonesia. For his contributions to these fields he has been awarded Habibie Award in Basic Science Research (2009), Australian Alumni Award for Excellence in Education (2009), and the Extraordinary Intellectual Quality Award (2010). He also plays a significant role in the development of mathematics in South East Asia region. 
He was the President of South East Asian Mathematical Society (2014-2015). He is a member of Scientific Committee of CIMPA (since 2009 until now). He has also contributed to the development of national standards for education from primary school to higher education in Indonesia as the member of the Board of National Standards for Education 2005-2014. As of Dec 2018, he has published over 160 research papers in international reputable journals and produced over 28 PhD graduates.

Educational Background
  1. Ph.D, University of Newcastle Australia, "Optimal Interconnection Networks", 1996
  2. Master, University of New England (UNE) Australia, "Optimal Directed Graphs", 1991
  3. Sarjana, ITB Indonesia, "Computer Aided Learning (CAL) in Mathematics", 1987

Research Topics

Graph Theory and Combinatorics: Graph and digraph construction, Ramsey numbers, Graph labeling, Metric and

partition dimensions of graphs, Locating-Chromatics Numbers of Graphs, Latin squares, Coding and Cryptography.

Members of professional organisations
  1. Scientific Committee of Centre International de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees (CIMPA), 2009 – Now.
  2. Member, London Mathematical Society, 2018 - Now
  3. Member of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2013 - Now
  4. Chair, Board of National Standard for Education, Indonesia, 2003 - 2014.
  5. President, South East Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS), 2014-2015.
  6. Member, Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, 1996 – Now.
  7. President, Indonesian Combinatorial Society (InaCombS), 2006 - 2013
  8. President, Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), 2006- 2008
  9. Vice President, Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), 2002 - 2006

Editorial Board of Journals
  1. Editor-in-Chief, Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications (EJGTA)
  2. Honorary Editor, Indonesian Journal of Combinatorics
  3. Member, Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan  
  4. Member, Journal of Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences
  5. Member, Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics, Pakistan.

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