Awards & Recognitions

  1. Habibie Awards in Basic Science Research, 2009.
  2. Australian Alumni Award for Excellence in Education, 2009
  3. The Best Professor from Directorate of Higher Education MinistryDepartment of National Education, Indonesia, 2008.

1.    Speaker, in the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 19-27, 2010, Hyderabad India, Title: "On Ramsey (2K2,Pn)-minimal graphs."

2.    Indonesian representative, in General Assembly, International Mathematical Union (IMU), August 16-17, 2010, Bangalore India.

3.    Plenary speaker, in the International Workshop on Optimal Networks Topologies IWONT2010, Barcelona Spanyol, 9-12 Juni 2010, Title: ”The existence of almost Moore digraphs with higher degree and diameter”.

 4.   Invited speaker, in the IndoMS International Conference on Mathematics and its application (IICMA2009), UGM Yogyakarta, October 12 – 13, 2009, Judul makalah: ”On (Super) Edge-Magic Deficiency of Graphs”.

 5.   Invited speaker, in the 33rd Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and    Combinatorial Computing (33ACCMCC), December 7-11, 2009, Newcastle, Australia, Title: ”On The Existence of Almost Moore Digraphs”.

6.    Invited speaker, in the 4th International Conference on Research and Education in Mathematics  (ICREM 4), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 21 - 23, 2009, Title: ”On the Existence of Almost Moore (Di)graphs”.

7.      Invited speaker, in the Asian Mathematical Conference, June 22-26, 2009 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Title: ”Some progress on Ramsey numbers and Ramsey-minimal graphs”.

8.      Invited speaker, in the 4th International Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2009, Lahore Pakistan, March 4-8, 2009, Title: ”On some Ramsey-minimal graphs”.

9.      Invited speaker, in the 3rd International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics (ICoMS-3), IPB Bogor, Indonesia, 5-6 August 2008, Title: Some graph Ramsey numbers and Ramsey-minimal graphs”.

10.     Invited speaker, in the International Joint Symposium on Computational Science, Kanazawa University, Japan, 3-7 March, 2008, Title: ”Ramsey Numbers, Edge-Magic Total Labelings and Secret Sharing Schemes”.

11.    Invited speaker, in the International Conference on Mathematics and Applications ICMA-MU 2007, Bangkok Thailand, 15-17 August 2007, Title: ”Ramsey numbers of complete bipartite graphs”.

12. Keynote speaker, in the 3rd International Conference on 21st Century Mathematics 2007,  Lahore Pakistan, March 4-7, 2007, Title: ”On the existence of almost Moore digraphs”.

13. Invited speaker, in Workshop/Conference on Algebra and Graph Theory, Lahore Pakistan, March 13-22, 2006, Title: ”Total labeling of graphs”.

14Invited speaker, in Asian Mathematical Conference 2005, hosted by South East Asian Mathematics Society (SEAMS), National University of Singapore, Singapore, July 20-23, 2005, Title: ”On the structure of almost Moore digraphs containing selfrepeats” .