Postgraduate Students

Completed PhD Students 

  1. Surahmat (cum laude), Ramsey Numbers for Wheels (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2003
  2. Yus M. Cholily (cum laude), Large Directed Networks (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2004
  3. Hasmawati (cum laude), Ramsey numbers for disjoint union of stars (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2007
  4. Anak Agung Gede Ngurah (cum laude), Total edge-magicness of graphs and its deficiency (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2007
  5. Kashif Ali, On Ramsey numbers of paths versus wheel-like graphs, GC University Lahore Pakistan, 2008
  6. Muhammad Hussain, Total labelling of some families of trees and cycles with chords, GC University Lahore Pakistan, 2008.
  7. Syafrizal Sy, Multipartite Ramsey Numbers for Paths (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2009
  8. Nurdin (cum laude), Total irregular strength of graphs (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2010
  9. Abdul Qudair Baig, Super edge-magic deficiency of forests, GC University Lahore Pakistan, 2010
  10. Lyra Yulianti, Ramsey-minimal graphs for a combination of two-edge graphs and cycles (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia 2011
  11. I Wayan Sudarsana (cum laude), Ramsey numbers for a union of graphs (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia 2011
  12. Hazrul Iswadi, Metric dimension of graphs constructed from corona and amalgamation operation (in Indonesian), PhD Dissertation, ITB Indonesia 2011.
  13. Tita Khalis Maryati (cum laude), Characterization of H-(super)magic graphs (in Indonesian), PhD Dissertation, ITB Indonesia 2011.
  14. Darmaji, Partition Dimension of multipartite graphs and corona product of two connected graphs (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia 2011
  15. Adiwijaya (cum laude), On the f-chromatic number of graphs (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, 2012.
  16. Suhadi Wido Saputro (cum laude), Metric dimension of regular graphs or composition of graphs and characterization of graphs order n with metric dimension n-3 (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia 2012.
  17. Asmiati, The locating-chromatic number of trees and charactirization of all graphs with locating-chromatic number 3 (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia2012.
  18. Amrullah, Partition dimension of graphs obtained from subdivision operation (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, March 2016.
  19. Des Welyyanti, Locating-chromatic number for disconnected graphs, Dec 2016.
  20. Kristiana Wijaya (cum laude), Ramsey Minimal Graphs for Matchings (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia June 2017.
  21. Dian Kastika Syofyan (cum laude), Locating-chromatic number for trees (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia, August 2017.  
  22. Ira Apni Purwasih, Metric dimension and locating-chromatic number of Halin graphs (in Indonesian), ITB Indonesia,  Sept 2017.
  23. Denny Riama Silaban (cum laude), Restricted size Ramsey number on graphs of size two (in Indonesian), April 2018.
  24. Debi Oktia Haryeni (cum laude), On the partition dimension of disconnected graphs with certain component  (in Indonesian), May 2018
  25. Anie Lusiani, Multipartite size Ramsey numbers for stars (in Indonesian), Dec 2018.
  26. Desi Rahmadani, Infinte family of Ramsey minimal graphs for paths (in Indonesian), Dec 2018
  27. Susilawati, Irregularity strength of trees with certain maximum degree (in Indonesian), Dec 2018.
  28. Budi Rahadjeng, Connected size Ramsey number for matchings (in Indonesian), January 2019.

I Wayan Sudarsana
Ramsey numbers for unions, 
graduated 2011

f-coloring on graphs, 
graduated 2012
Metric dimension on graphs, 
graduated 2012

Locating-chromatic numbers of graphs, 
graduated 2012

Partition dimension of graphs, 
graduated 2011
Lyra Yulianti
Ramsey-minimal graphs, 
graduated 2011
Hazrul Iswadi
Metric dimension of graphs, graduated 2011
Tita Khalis Maryati
H-magic graphs, 
graduated 2011

Current Master Students

  1. Ratih Suryaningsih, Locating-chromatic number of Fibonances graph, started 2018. 
  2. Devi Imulia, Algorithm on computing locating-chromatic number of trees, started 2018.
  3. Aghni Ermawati Aribowo, Metric dimension of Fibonances graphs, started 2018.
  4. Dian Anita Hadi, Total Irregularity strength of Hypercubes, started 2018.
  5. Grita Tumpi Nagari, Total irregularity strength of K2 x Kn, started 2018.

As Doctoral Examiners 

  1. Saladin Uttunggadewa, The University of Twente, Belanda (2000)
  2. M. Salman, The University of Twente, Belanda (2005)
  3. Dafik, University of Ballarat, Australia (2007)
  4. M. Helda Mercy, Loyola College, Chennai India (2008)
  5. R. Prabha, Loyola College, Chennai India (2010)
  6. P. Venugopal, Loyola College, Chennai India (2010)
  7. Imrana Kousar, FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (2011)
  8. P. Antony Kishore, University of Madras India (2012)
  9. D. Florence Isido, University of Madras India (2012)
  10. Hepsi Nindiasari, UPI Indonesia (2013)
  11. Yani Ramdani, UPI Indonesia (2013)
  12. P. Vasanthi Beulah, Loyola College, Chennai India (2014)
  13. V. Annamma, University of Madras, India (2015)
  14. N. Neela, Periyar University, Tamil Nadu India (2015)
  15. Zata Yumni Awanis, ITB Indonesia (2017)
  16. Alfi Yusrotis Zakiyyah, ITB Indonesia (2018)
  17. Prabu Mohan, University Polytechnic Catalunya, Spain (2019)